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Hope & Change...

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Regardless of what President Obama thinks, I did build this business. I built this business from a $1000 investement on a credit card. I built this business without a teacher, without a bridge and without help from the Government. I built this business after being laid off from a job, and without drawing unemployement, or taking food stamps.

For years Smallfri.com grew and supported my family of 6. Just prior to the election of President Obama, our sales began to decrease. At first we thought it was advertising, or our product lines, but it was the economy. Our product was a luxury that many young families simply couldn't afford.

My wife and I went back to work full time, trying to bide our time and wait out the economy. We never gave up hope that Smallfri.com would rise again.

Hope and Change being all that it is, the bills for Smallfri.com now exceed its income and with the economy still sinking, we made the tough decision to close Smallfri.com.

And, inspite of President Obama, I've learned new skills and I've started a new business. I will survive, but please, keep your HOPE AND CHANGE to yourself next time.

Before you vote in November, do some research, study the candidates.

Don't cast a vote because of how someone makes you feel.

Don't cast a vote because of his religion, party or skin color.

Don't cast a vote because of a "special issue".

Cast your vote for someone who believes in America

Cast your vote for someone who believes that we should succeed on our own.

Cast your vote for someone who believes that success takes hard work.

Thank you for all of your support over the years.

Russell Hudson

President, Smallfri INC.

Hip & Modern:

Smallfri.com brings you the most up-to-date colors and trends from the fashion world, right to your birth announcement.

Simple & Secure:

Place your order today and receive a real proof created by a professional designer within 24 hours. Order with confidence, our shopping cart is 100% secured by Thawte.com

Fast & Accurate:

With our "always on" RUSH service, most orders ship within 1-3 business days of proof approval. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, return if for a full refund.